Sunday Funday

Sundays are sometimes hard. I find they’re a mixture of trying to get all the chores done that are hard to do during the week, trying to have some fun, trying to relax, and trying not to stress about the impending doom coming (commonly known as Monday). Next thing I know 50 percent of my weekend has flown by in a state of anxious non-productive, non-relaxing stress that doesn’t do anybody any good.

So I’ve started to switch it up a bit. I get up about an hour earlier. My dogs think this is amazing so they’re on board keeping me accountable to this one. This gives my husband a nice chance to sleep in while I have some quality puppy time, and then over my breakfast I review what I wanted to do this weekend (fun, chores, did I have any down time, etc). Then I re-evaluate my list.

What is the most important thing?
What can wait a few days?
What is completely un-necessary?

I am becoming more aware of my type A, over achieving perfectionist ‘do everything, do it perfectly, do it all the time’ default setting and I know I have a habit of taking on way too many tasks at once, and then beating myself up when I don’t accomplish everything I’ve decided must get done. So I’ve started trying to identify why each item is on my list. This helps me weed out un-necessary time-sinks and stressors.

I also take a look at what can be deferred until later in the week and pick a time that it will work. I might put a little too much effort into this part of the process but I recognize that and also I work as a Logistics Coordinator so scheduling has become second nature.

Finally I make sure I spend time doing something purely because it makes me happy, whether it is fun, relaxing, or both. It is amazing how hard it is to make ones self a priority. It’s easy to talk about but so much harder to do.

Here are some more ideas on How to Have a Fantastic Sunday and stretch that awesomeness out all week long.


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