The Myth of Feeling Overwhelmed

This article came up on my Facebook feed at the perfect time – at the end of a long day when I felt like I’d been spinning my wheels getting no where fast and not feeling very optimist about anything. I know that simply pausing to reflect on how I feel then deciding if I want to feel that way, or if I need to feel that way, and then choosing how to carry on can make a huge difference in my mood. But I constantly forget that I can stop, think, and make a choice. It isn’t my default setting. It takes practice and training and some times it’s just so frigging hard that I don’t want to believe it works.

I love that this article called me out and states that feeling overwhelmed is an addiction and a choice. Most of us don’t realize that and are not willing to accept we can choose to hold on or let go. I choose to go forward believing that when I become overwhelmed it happened either through conscious or unconscious choice. When I become aware of it I must consciously choose how to proceed. Will I continue to feed this addition of over-busy false perfectionism, or will I get to know myself better and choose what makes me feel happy, recharged, and balanced?

So here we are. I could read this list every day. If you haven’t discovered Marc and Angel Hack Life take some time to read through their site. Maybe start with this one:

25 Ways To Stop Feeling Overworked and Overwhelmed

And if you’re feeling really overwhelmed, skip that for now and just take a minute to consider this:

Identify what’s most important to you.
Eliminate as much as you possibly can of everything else.


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