This week was one of the most exhausting I’ve had in over a year. I’ve become more aware of what saps away my energy and how to recharge but sometimes it still gets a little out of control. The difference this week is that it was just one week. Utter exhaustion was normal for me before I revamped my approach to life last year. Now I’m on to a fresh start.

Here is how I got through my week:

– I acknowledged that demands on my time were out of hand this week. I cancelled or rescheduled what I could and took a ‘good enough’ approach to the rest, recognizing that perfection is not always attainable.

– After cutting back to having coffee only a few days per week I chose to have one per day. I truly believe that prevented some potentially horrendous decisions.

– I ate about 70% healthy. That’s less than normal but far better than throwing in the towel completely and it helped me manage. That ties back in to the ‘good enough’ approach.

– I gave myself a little pep talk each morning about choosing only two or three priorities for the day to keep me from being pulled into the agenda of others. Other people can build up your energy or steal it away.

Here are some more great ideas to survive and thrive in hectic times.


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