Keep Going!

It’s January 15th – the time when reality sets in and resolutions can become real work, and more monotonous than inspiring. Results may not be showing up yet and it can be hard to stay motivated.

Personally my resolutions are more refined versions of changes I began a year ago, so this year has been easier so far than the start of last year. That said, it’s easy to fall into a boring repetitious rut (mine sounds something like ‘chicken, again?’)

Sometimes a change is as good or better than a rest. Throw a productive wrench in the system! Try a new recipe, a new kind of work out, take a different route for your run or walk and catch up with a friend you haven’t seen in a while.

On that note, here are some new ways to add a healthy food (cauliflower) into your meals.

How do you find ways to stay inspired and motivated?


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