The Dirty Thirty Re-Visited

For fun, here is what happened with each of The Dirty Thirty items:

1)      Take a Course: Complete!

  • I took a photography course and several dog training and agility classes. More to come in 2015!

2)      Grow my Yoga Practice: Still Working On It

  • 2014 was the year of very little yoga on the mat, and a whole lot of yoga philosophy off the mat.

3)      Create a Me Space: Complete!

  • Why? As a creative introvert I need a space just for me, where I can feel safe and comfortable during creative/brainstorming time and where I can let ideas develop without having to clean, be interrupted, or feel like I am in the way. My office is amazing, along with a couple other little reading nooks around the house.

4)      Walking: Complete!

  • Bandit will literally push the covers off the bed if I don’t get up at an acceptable time for this. What a good dog! More to come in 2015 and beyond.

5)      Journal: Re-Starting

  • Why? Journaling can be cathartic, and work as a brain detox. It can also be inspiring and new ideas can pop up and surprise me. A journal is a safe place for emotional release when I don’t feel like sharing with other but need to let something go, or let it grow.

6)      Healthy Diet: Complete!

  • Clean eating has changed my life and helped me loose 40 pounds in 2014. More to come in 2015 and for the rest of my life.

7)      Snowshoeing: Did not happen.

  • Honestly, I didn’t go once! Be it weather, lack of snow, or simply prioritizing other things, this one didn’t happen. I’ll look for opportunities for 2015 but really just being outside enjoying nature was the idea behind this one and in that area, I improved and it’s an ongoing journey.

8)      Conscientious Spending: In Progress

  • I’d say I have become more conscious of how I spend my dollars and what they will do for my quality of life. I’ll continue to prioritize spending on healthy food and great experiences over ‘stuff’.

9)      Read ‘Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking’ : Complete!

  • A good read, that gave me a better understanding of how people think and act based on their introversion or extroversion. I’ll probably read it again down the road.

10)   Read More: Complete!

  • This is of course on going, but spending more time reading short articles that interest me, and books, and less time mindlessly scrolling through social media, supports my learning addiction and leaves me much happier.

11)   Take Charge of my Career: In Progress

  • I’ve brought a fresh attitude and set of expectation to my job and it has certainly improved. Here’s to move of the same.

12)   Write a Business Plan: Pending/Maybe

  • Why? I love entrepreneurship. I have a degree in entrepreneurship. I am not practicing entrepreneurship and my skills are getting rusty. I want to sharpen them up. At the same time, I am busy with plenty of other activities that fulfill me as well. Filing this under ‘We’ll see.”

13)   Wine & Writing: Pending/Maybe

  • Why? I love wine. I love writing. I should enjoy more of both. Why not write about wine? Worst case scenario: I do some terrible writing, have a laugh, and enjoy some wine. That said the wine doesn’t really fit in with my clean eating lifestyle and is a huge trigger for inflammation which can put me in a lot of pain. On the other hand you’ll likely see plenty of writing about clean eating in 2015.

14)   Grow Orchids: Complete!

  • This is done, it was fun, and at one point I had seven orchids blooming at one time! I’m down to two plants now and they are lovely but they won’t be a full time hobby. Here is the back story on the orchids:

When my Grandad passed away and I travelled to his service, there was the most stunning blue orchid on my Gran’s table. Orchids remind me of my Grandad now and they take a bit of finesse to grow. This is a little project in his memory: developing the art of letting something blossom with a light touch.

15)   DIY Skincare Products: Complete!

  • This was fun, and some basics are pretty easy to make.

16)   Plan a Trip: Canada: Complete, and More to Come!

  • Waterton was amazing! Next up will either be Mount Robson or Lake O’Hara.

17)   Plan a Trip- Overseas: Partially Complete

  • I’ve partially planned a trip to Iceland. Finishing details to be applied when the time is right.

18)   Go on a Yoga Retreat: Still on The Radar

  • This is still on the bucket list.

19)   Volunteer: Ongoing

  • I’ve found an organization that I think is a good fit and am just getting started with them.

20)   Use My Health Benefits: What?!? Why am I so slow on this?

  • I promise I’ll send it off tomorrow.

21)   Filing: Improved

  • This is in much better shape than last year,. There is still room for improvement but overall my life is much better organized.

22)   Build an Evacuation Box: Living in Denial

  • This did not get done. I have no reason for that, besides not liking the idea that I may need it one day. Add it to the list for early 2015.

23)   Photography: Complete and On Going!

  • Why? Do more of what you love! This is another hobby that fell by the wayside as the pressure of being an adult built up. What’s the point of being an adult if I can’t do what I like now and then? I’ve got myself a fancy new camera and I am going to learn how to use it.

24)   Organize Utility Room and Outdoor Gear: Complete and Ongoing

  • Why? Organization is Sexy! That line never gets old. This will make it easier to find my gear and go use it, so in a round about way this contributes to time in the mountains, in nature, hiking, snowshoeing, camping, photographing and adventuring.

25)   New Ski Gear: Waiting for some end of season sales.

  • Why? I love skiing and I want to do more of what I love. Although this might just be new-to-me gear I’ll be looking to upgrade from the 15 year old equipment I have now. If you’re paying attention you’ll realize I’ve had this gear since high school. Time to step it up!

27)   Surfing/Paddle Boarding: Complete!

  • Paddle boarding was an absolute blast, considering buying this instead of skis…

28)   Dog Sledding: Pending for 2015

  • Why? Why not?1

29)   Portraits of Trinity, Barkley, and Bandit: Complete – but I can do better ones now!

  • Why? Trinity is my horse and Barkley and Bandit are my dogs. I love them dearly and they bring a lot of joy to my life. I want to hone my photography skills to capture the essence of each of these creatures.

30) Blog: Ongoing

  • Why? To document this wild ride!

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