Fresh Starts

Last year was incredibly ambitious. I made a list of 30 things I wanted more of in my life and jumped in the deep end to tackle it all. Did I accomplish everything on list? Heck no. But I am damn proud of what I did accomplish. Here are the biggest highlights, in order of how they popped into my head:

  • I learned how to eat clean, whole, real food. I learned how to plan, prep, deal with eating out and enjoying parties, how to balance some treats, and how different foods impact my energy levels, my mood, and my pain levels. I feel like I’ve learned how to live again. Real food is life changing.
  • My rescue dog has gone from being constantly reactive and showing fear based aggressive behaviours and resource guarding on a regular basis to being a happy, responsive dog who loves to go for walks and though he has far from perfect manners, he is getting pretty good at meeting new people. He acts like his breeds and has taught me an awful lot about dogs and people, and especially about myself. He also loves cuddles, agility classes, and stealing food off the counter. Baby steps folks.
  • I got back into hiking, photography, and camping, not to the extent that I had envisioned a year ago, but enough to have fun and enjoy myself. That is the whole point isn’t it, to have fun?
  • On that note I relearned that too much pressure to do it all perfectly will pretty much ruin everything. Remember this post I shared a year ago?
  • On the other hand, I feel like I moved passed the routine of waking up exhausted, going to work and feeling miserable, coming home and eating mediocre food in front of a mediocre television show, going to bed feeling both exhausted and wired, and doing that all again on repeat everyday.
  • I really embraced the value of experiences over things.

So on that note, here are some themes for 2015:

  • Continuing to improve how I balance my time between, health, work, responsibilities, hobbies, family and friends.
  • Continue to learn! I am a learner, and thrive on gaining knowledge, whether its about food, photography, dogs, or something new. I’ve discovered that the reason I throw myself wholeheartedly into new passions every year or so is that I thrive on the learning process. Now that I am aware of this I will work on continued learning without letting it take over my life completely.
  • Blogging, despite letting this fall off last year, I find writing therapeutic and it gives me an opportunity to self-reflect.

Onward and upward my friends, to a wonderful 2015.


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