DSLR Classes

DSLR Classes

For the last few weeks, this sleek red art-maker has been my new best friend. I have always enjoyed photography, but it was one of those hobbies that slowly melted away until my equipment became obsolete. No longer – I am the proud owner of a Nikon D3200 and I think it is smarter than I am. So I took a class and it’s been wonderful.

A few highlights:

Learning for Fun
Everyone should do this. Whatever topic interests you, take a course, buy a book, watch how-to videos on YouTube. Learning for fun stopped being fun in the academic quicksand that is post secondary education. The good news is that it starts being fun again sometime after graduating.

Making Art
My job is very logical, analytical and repetitive. My creative side began to wilt. Photography is an amazing balance between analysis and creativity, taking logical steps and taking risks, to create something beautiful.

There will always be more to learn.
I doubt I’ll ever be an expert photographer, but that was never my goal. There will always be a different technique, another setting, fresh conditions and new technology for me to learn about. I can go at my own pace since this is for my own happiness.

So – Item 1) Take A Course: Check!
I see many more in my future.


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