I Should Do Yoga.

The second item on my list is to grow my yoga practice.

I used to practice three or four times per week. In the fall of 2011 a new studio opened near my home and I finally had the courage to try out yoga. It was amazing. It was life changing. I had finally found something that was fun, physical, helped me sleep better, helped me manage stress, and made me feel amazing. Seriously, if you are looking for a wonder drug for life, find a great yoga instructor.

After a year or so I began to resent yoga a little. I dedicated a lot of time to it, and that time had to come from somewhere. I missed hiking, visiting my horse, reading, and spending evenings with my family. Then the studio closed and I thought it was a good time to step back from my practice and pickup some of my old hobbies. It felt like getting reacquainted with old friends.

My practice dropped off to once a month, then every two months, and I realized I had gone from over committed to not committed at all, missing one of the main points of yoga which is balance. 

I started a beginner yoga series this week. It’s a once a week classes designed to teach a few asanas (postures) each class, learn proper alignment, and practice flowing between each asana. It’s a great way to get back into the habit, and of course I already know what I am doing so it will be easy!

So. Much. Ego.

It did not take long for me to fall into the ‘I Should’ inner monologue.

I should be able to bend deeper.

This should feel easier.

I should be stronger.

I should do this three times a week again so I can be better in less time.

I should be able to find my zen more quickly.

I should blog about this.

I should stop telling myself what to do and just breath.



Let my body tell me what it needs, not the other way around.



Doing poses perfectly is not yoga. I am not operating in the same body I was in my last yoga class. I did eventually shut that voice down and let myself be in my body, let my soul flow right here and now. This is yoga.


And you SHOULD read this article about the “I should…” mindset.



One thought on “I Should Do Yoga.

  1. Thank you very much, I’am really glad that I’m following you. I’m still figuring out. Just wanted to say that you are an awesome blogger, Inspiring and May you inspire more readers essentially perfectly ok. greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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