What am I Thinking?

I’m beginning a journey. It’s time to take charge of my health, my happiness, my time. One life is all we have to live. We can coast through it or we can make the most of it. I want to be happy, fit, adventurous, daring, learned, and caring. I want to discover the world abroad and in my own back yard. I want to discover myself. I want to know the meaning of life, and to know that my life has meaning. I am the only one who can bring this about in my life. These things will not just happen to me unless I make an effort to make them happen.

I’m sharing it with you to be accountable, to be brave, and to challenge my daily default settings. I want to hear your stories too. Tell me what you do to be happy and become a better person. Tell me what you think of the stories I share. And thank you for joining me on my journey.



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